Should I Settle with the Insurance Company Myself or Hire an Attorney?

In this article I will discuss considerations in accepting the insurance company’s offer in a serious injury or wrongful death case without talking to an attorney.

Different Insurance Companies

Just as in all aspects of life, there are good insurance companies and good adjusters and unethical insurance companies and adjusters.  Often, the insurance company involved will contact the family soon after a crash and sometimes the insurance company will make a settlement offer.

Should the Family Take this Settlement Offer?

1) Have they disclosed the limits of their insurance policy?  Do they have a $100,000.00 insurance policy but are only offering $15,000.00?

2) Does accepting this offer eliminate the possibility of future claims such as underinsured motorists insurance or UIM?

3) Are they applying pressure for the person to make an immediate or a quick decision?

4) Are they recommending that the person NOT consult with an attorney before making a decision?


If the insurance company is taking any of these actions, be very hesitant before settling the case.  Before EVER settling a case, consult with a serious injury or wrongful death lawyer.  I do not charge anything for consultations, and most lawyers do as well.  An experienced attorney will give you the important considerations when making this important decision.  Since I do not charge for this service, you have nothing to lose.