Tips for Everyone to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents continue to haunt our streets and highways.  With gas prices increasing and the weather getting nicer, more and more motorcyclists are leaving the car in the garage and taking the bike out.  Sadly, even if they are the safest motorcycle driver, they are at an increased risk of being killed in an accident.

  • Motorcycle-related deaths totaled over 5,100 in 2007 and another approximately 100,000 motorcyclists were injured in motorcycle accidents.  However, with motorcyclist and car drivers working together, these numbers can decrease.
  • Motorcyclist should do the following to avoid being involved in a motorcycle vs. car accident:
  • Remember that the motorcycle can often be hidden in a larger vehicle’s blind spot.  Never ride in someone’s blind spot.
  • Motorcyclists should make themselves visible other drivers by wearing brightly colored protective gears.
  • Motorcyclist should use turn signals for every turn or lane change and do not drive between cars stopped in traffic.

Car drivers need to do the following to avoid being involved in a car vs. motorcycle accident:

    Understand that they must share the road with motorcycles.  Motorcyclists have the same rights on the streets as car drivers.

  • Look left-right-left before pulling out of a driveway or making a turn.
  • Keep an eye out for motorcycles when changing lanes.

A motorcycle accident can be devastating and can forever change a person’s life.  In my personal injury practice, I have seen families forever mourning because a loved one was taken away too early because of a motorcycle accident. 

Drive safely and be careful about those who don’t.  For more information about your rights after a motorcycle accident, click here to contact Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes.