Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a symbol of independence and individuality in the United States.  I have represented people in motorcycle accident cases for almost 20 years, and I know how important those concepts are for motorcyclists.  An unfortunate part of riding a motorcycle is that if the rider makes a mistake, or, more commonly, if another driver makes a mistake—the motorcycle rider pays.

Why Motorcyclists Pay

They pay because they are more vulnerable than the driver of a car because the motorcyclist does not have a 4000 pound vehicle to absorb the impact.  They pay because their injuries are more severe than the occupants of a car or truck; and they pay because their insurance policy is usually smaller than those maintained by the driver of a car or truck.

Experience with Motorcycle Injury Cases

Because of these factors, if you or someone you know were injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an experienced lawyer who can communicate the severity of your injury to a jury.  You need an attorney who can fight to get everything that you are owed because of your injury.  You need an attorney who has a background in serious injury cases so that the insurance company and the jury understand just how important your case is.

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