How much is my Personal Injury Case worth?

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A personal injury (including an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, etc.) takes a toll on many aspects of your life. You are in physical pain, your income suffers, your relationships suffer, you lose time with your family, personal freedoms, and security in your well-being. All of these things are priceless, so how do you determine the value of your personal injury case?

First and formost, you should ALWAYS consult an attorney after an injury. Insurance companies have one objective in the event of a loss... save the companies money! In fact, the representatives handling your claim are more often than not incentivized for paying the least amount of money possible for your injuries! In order to assure you are being offered a fair amount attorney intervention is a necessary step. Statistically, attorney represented clients obtain a substantially higher recovery on an accident or injury claim.

How much should you expect? You should be offered enough money to cover all of your medical bills- bottom line. Your pain and suffering should be compensated fairly. Your vehicle should be repaired or replaced. Any wages you have lost due to your injuries, including doctors appointments, should also be included in your recovery.