Auto Accident Law in New York

Information detailing the procedures dealing with an auto accident in New York can be a handy asset to have indeed. Understanding your rights and responsibilities in the state of New York can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.

Understanding The Law

If you happen to be involved in an automobile accident in the state of New York that does not involve injuries to yourself or anyone in the accompanying vehicle, you can have up to 10 days to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state of New York. Taking longer than this 10 day period will cause your license to be suspended. In order to avoid this automatic suspension, it is advisable to inform the police right away so that you are not in violation of New York law. In the case of accidents with injuries, these must be reported to the police right away, who will then file a separate report with the department of motor vehicles in the state of New York. Whether or not the accident is your fault, it will appear on your record as well as that of any other drivers involved.

Contacting Your Lawyer

If you are involved in an automobile accident in the state in New York, it is not a good idea to wait any length of time to contact your insurance company or your attorney. The insurance company is very likely going to do all that and they can to get out of paying you your rightful compensation. In fact, they are very likely to put attorneys and investigators to work to minimize their own liability. It is always recommended that if you're involved in an automobile accident in the state of New York that you put your attorneys to work right away in order to combat this attempt to shortchange you in the case of the insurance company. Very often, you will be entitled to compensation that the insurance company won't bother to offer upfront. They will prefer to beat around the bush and lead you to suffer all manner of emotional distress after the fact. Contacting your lawyer right away is in your best interest.

Medical Cost And Pain of Suffering

Considering the amount of difficulty that is usually involved in the recovery from an automobile accident, it is an easy matter for the insurance company to sidestep some of the attending pain and suffering that is enjoined with your New York auto accident. By utilizing your attorney, you can hope to recoup your lost wages and get paid for emotional distress as well as pain and suffering. It is important to River that the insurance company is certainly not on your side, and will generally give you a difficult time of it, making it that much more important to contact an attorney and ensure that your rights are well regarded.