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Jury Selection

When civil disputes reach the date of trial,after pre-trial proceedings have finished, pools of potential jurors, otherwise known as the venire, are...

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Ethical Risks for Legal Professional in "Friend-ing" to Discover Information in Litigation

Many have considered “friend-ing” someone to avoid having to seek consent or to avoid the cost of subpoenaing social media outle

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Department of Labor Lawsuit and Madoff

In Solis v. Beacon Associates LLC, S.D.N.Y., No. 10-CV-8000, 10/21/10, the United States Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against New York inve...

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Pre-Trial Procedures

In civil trials, one person or party has reached the conclusion that their outstanding disagreement or dispute with another individual or entity can...

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Civil Trial Process

Civil trials, much like criminal trials, follow a rigid process of events when attempting to reach a verdict.  Following the pre-trial discovery p...

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Evidence in a Trial Pt 2

So your case is headed to trial. If you are plaintiff, your nightmare scenario is that you are going to offer a key document into evidence, the Very...

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Overview of Litigation

There are two main types of litigation: Criminal or civil.  Criminal proceedings are used when a person commits a violation of a state or federal ...

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