Oklahoma Storms Can Result in Complicated Insurance Claims

Storms in Oklahoma spring up suddenly with damage to roofs. The impact of hail, wind, ice, lightning, and tornados cause damage every year. The insurance claim process should be simple. The policy holder submits the claim and insurance company pays the amount of the loss under the insurance policy. It sounds so simple. But, what appears easy is sometimes more complicated than the average person expects.

Experienced insurance adjusters will tell you that storm claims are not always easy to work. For starters, field adjusters become very busy during storm season. Hail and wind cause damage in multiple places and claims pour in. Even working overtime, the adjuster can be fall behind in the investigation of claims. This slows down the payment for the loss.

If the property owner becomes frustrated, they may hire an Oklahoma attorney. Seasoned lawyers familiar with Oklahoma bad faith laws may suggest filing a lawsuit. The insurance laws in Oklahoma require insurance companies to promptly investigate all claims. The insurance company is obligated to timely pay for claims. If the law is not followed, the the insured may sue for additional damages, inconvenience, and financial losses.

In a dispute between the insurance company and the homeowner or building owner, the winner is usually entitled to attorney fees. The prevailing party will also receive back costs allowed by the statute. So what started as a simple roof damage turns into more complicated litigation.

It is really important to retain an Oklahoma lawyer for roof and storm claims that knows the law. Our firm works most parts of the State including Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Lawton, Muskogee, McAlester, Ada, Altus, Bixby, Broken Bow, Ponca City, Stillwater, Bristow, and everywhere in between. Practicing in all State and Federal courts, let us know if we can help.