The Patents Center is designed to help you understand the laws regarding patents and your legal rights while applying for and once holding patents.  The information and resources you'll find here can help you understand whether something you've created and designed is eligible for a patent, whether you need a patent or if you're the owner of intellectual property better suited for a trademark or copyright, a full explanation of what exactly patents will do for you, how to protect yourself if you feel someone is infringing on your patent, and how to find legal help to guide you through the process of obtaining a patent  for your creation, or protecting the intellectual property patents you already have in place.


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TC Heartland Decision

TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC What is TC Heartland and what does it mean to the small time inventors?

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Common Patent Application Mistakes You Must Avoid

A patent can make or break a business. It determines not only your business’s success, but financial future.

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Introduction to Patent Law

Patents provide an owner with a government issued limited monopoly with rights to stop others from making, using, or selling the invention for a fixed...

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The Process of Obtaining a Patent

The process of obtaining a patent includes a patent search, preparation of a patent application, patent examination and issuance.

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Patent Law Overview

A patent gives the owner of some piece of intellectual property the right to be the exclusive maker or seller of that product or the exclusive owner...

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Filing a Patent

While technically anyone may file for a United States patent, most people enlist the aid of a patent attorney or patent agent to assist them with th...

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Patents and Profits

This guide concentrates on utility patents, which are the most common patents. Inventors can submit a provisional application to the USPTO, which is...

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Global Patent Filing Mechanism

A single patent covering all countries of the world does not exist. If an inventor wants to protect an invention in a number of countries, then indiv...

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What is Patentable?

A patent is a form of protection for certain things – from new and original ideas to new and improved forms of things that already exist.  Howev...

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