Examination Under Oath for a Stolen Car Claim

Has your car been stolen in Michigan? When a car has been stolen, it is not uncommon for the insurance company to set up what is called an examination under oath (aka EUO). This is essentially a deposition and you have the right to have an attorney accompany you to the EUO. In addition to the EUO demand, the insurer will likely also request that the insured send certain documents to assist in substantiating their claim. Refusal to comply with the demand to produce the requested documents will likely result in a legitimate basis for denial of the claim.

What if I Don't Show Up to the EUO?

If you, the insured, fails to go an examination under oath when the insurance company has requested one, you are likely in material breach of contract. What does that mean? It means the insurer is void of liability for the claim.

What if I Don't Want to Answer the Questions?

All questions that are both material and relevant to the present claim must be answered by you. The refusal to answer a question may result in a legitimate denial of your claim. It is important to obtain the advice of an attorney in these matters.


As you can see, one misstep and you may be in material breach of your contract and a denial of your claim can occur. Therefore, it is very important that if your car is stolen that you immediately contact an attorney in your jurisdiction to represent you.

From the Author: Michigan Examination Under Oath (EUO) Attorney