United States Citizenship through Military Service - MAVNI

The Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) recruitment pilot program is active and will run through May 2015. The program allows some non-citizens in the United States with valid status to apply immediately for citizenship, without having to first obtain lawful permanent resident status. Up to 1,500 people will be recruited each year.

The MAVNI program is only available to aliens with the following critical skills: 1) Physicians or Nurses; or 2) Experts in certain languages with associated cultural backgrounds. Physicians and nurses are required to enlist either for a minimum of three years active duty, or six years in the U.S. Army Reserve as a health care professional. Language experts must enlist for at least four years of active duty. The following languages qualify for MAVNI: Albanian; Amharic; Arabic; Azerbaijani; Bengali; Burmese; Cambodian-Khmer; Cebuano; Chinese; Czech; French (citizens of African countries); Haitian-Creole; Hausa; Hindi; Hungarian; Igbo; Indonesian; Korean; Kurdish; Lao; Malay; Malayalam; Moro; Nepalese; Persian (Darsi and Farsi); Polish; Portuguese; Punjabi; Pushtu (Pashto); Russian; Serbo-Croatian; Sindhi; Sinhalese; Somali; Swahili; Tagalog; Tajik; Tamil; Thai; Turkish; Turkmen; Urdu; Uzbek; Yoruba. Students in F status will be recruited via the MAVIS program. Non-immigrants in several other categories, asylees, refugees, or those with temporary protected status (TPS) are also potentially eligible.