3 Examples of How Facebook Can Ruin A Marriage

When you get married the saying goes, "It's neither yours, nor mine, but ours."  You and your spouse share everything; a home, a bank account, the family car, and even your children.  However, there one thing that a lot couples don't share - A Facebook profile.

According to a 2011 survey via DivorceOnline.com, Facebook was cited at least part of the reason for divorce in a third of all total filings.

What you put online stays online. Your activity on social media can lead to marital arguments even worse, divorce.  Here are the top reasons why Facebook could be considered an irreconcilable difference.

Exhibit A:  The Seductive Selfie --  A revealing self portrait can now be 'evidence' of an extramarital affair.  More importantly, having one partner who is more open on Facebook while the other is more reserved can lead to all kinds of insecurity.

Exhibit B:  The TMI (Too Much Information) Effect -- Another cause for marriage insecurity is being too open when sharing details about your relationship.  Using your Facebook status to discuss a disagreement allows outside opinion to taint your private marriage.  Having too much information on Facebook could be seen as relevant information in a court setting.

Exhibit C:  The Comment Counselor -- No marriage is perfect. Your 'friends' maybe lying in wait; ready to tell you exactly that.  Be wary when sharing your latest argument via social media. Too much complaining in a public forum can be interpreted differently depending on the situation. So please, take care before you share!

If your marriage is currently on it's way to a divorce proceeding then any online activity could be used against you or for you.  If you have any question about how social media can affect your marriage and family please check our family law FAQ's (http://www.knclawfirm.com/practice-areas/family-law/).

From the Author: Atlanta Divorce Lawyers