Marriage in Louisiana

For many, Louisiana is the perfect spot to have a marriage. Some people love the idea of having a marriage in Louisiana simply because of the feel of being married in the south. Others love the idea of marriage in Louisiana simply because they want to have a wedding in beautiful New Orleans. Either way, Louisiana has become a destination for many weddings.  While this is possible for those who are from the state, and those who are not from the state, there are certain regulations, rules, and fees that need to be followed to make sure that everything runs smoothly from the government standpoint.


The only fee that you will incur when going for a marriage license is the fee for the license itself. This is a fee that is seen in every state; while prices vary, a basic fee for a marriage license is normal. The fee for marriage in Louisiana generally lands around $25. Some counties may have higher fees, but most fees will not deviate from this number.

Time lines

The state or Louisiana has a three day waiting period for anyone who receives a marriage license.  Those who are out of state and wish to have their marriage in Louisiana's New Orleans can actually waive this three day waiting period.  Like in some other states, a marriage license is good for 30 days; this means that you must act on the license within 30 days of obtaining the actual license.

Other Rules

There are various other rules for those who wish to have a marriage in Louisiana. Those who are between 16 and 18 must have their parents permission, as well as in attendance. Anyone under the age of 16 must have a court order in place for them to be married.

There are many things to worry about when considering marriage in Louisiana. Many people will be worrying about the amount of tables that need to be covered and the type of food that needs to be served at the reception. Those same people will be worrying about where they will be getting married, and who will be marrying them. All of this is important, so why allow a missed marriage license to ruin the event? By taking in all of this information, you can make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps for your marriage license so that your marriage in Louisiana can run smoothly.