Domestic Violence – Find Help


Victims of domestic violence may be afraid to seek help; afraid that their partners will seek vengeance or punish them for trying to find help.  However, there are ways that a victim of domestic violence can escape the aggressor and seek safety – and from there, happiness.  Below is some important information which helps victims of domestic violence find help.

Phone Numbers –

While it can be terrifying to try and escape an aggressor in the case of domestic violence, there are organizations which will help and understand how dangerous situations can become.  For instance, the National Domestic Violence Hotline often helps victims plan an escape from their abusive partner or spouse.  The phone number for the NDVH is 1-800-733-SAFE (7233).

You should also know the number to your state’s division of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  By getting in touch with this agency, individuals can prepare a place to stay when they do escape their aggressors.  Whether it’s a shelter or a volunteer family, this organization will ensure that victims are safe and well cared for.

You should always know your local police station’s phone number and other emergency numbers that you can call in the case of an emergency. 

Websites –

There are many different websites which can help individuals of domestic violence find help.  Just a few of those include:

  • – this website is for women who have been abused by men in positions of power.  This includes police officers and firemen.  It can help victims learn how to get assistance and where to get it.
  • – this website is owned by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, an organization who helps women and children whose lives have been filled with violence.  From finding places to stay to planning an escape, this website can help.