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Basic Child Custody Rules in New York

A overview of the main legal issues regarding child custody in a New York divorce case.

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Starting a Child Custody Case - Grandparent

A child-custody case may be started by a parent, a step-parent (in certain circumstances), a person other than a parent (where the child is not in the...

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The Child Custody and Support Process in Virginia

Whether from Divorce, Separation, or the birth of a new child, all parents ought to have a custody and visitation order in place if they do not live t...

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Child Custody Evaluators

Your marriage went bad and the divorce process is ugly and bitter.

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Joint Child Custody

The custody of a child after a divorce is a serious matter that a parent must deal with and it is important they understand what their legal rights. ...

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Who gets Custody?

There are many factors involved when making child custody decisions. When determining the home in which to place the child, the court strives to rea...

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Introduction to Child Custody

Following the separation of biological parents, the future of the offspring produced by the relationship is in question. Typically, contrary to popu...

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Factors in Child Custody

A large number of factors may influence the outcome of any given child custody dispute.  For child custody arrangements that cannot be worked out s...

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