There are a number of specific laws that are in place to protect children from abuse, including Megan's law, which requires that sex offenders be registered in a database and essentially tracked to ensure that no children are put at risk following their release from prison. Child abuse also includes child neglect, sexual abuse and psychological abuse in addition to standard physical abuse. The transmission of toxins or disease to a child through their mother such as fetal alcohol syndrome is also viewed as child abuse. Here you will find an explanation of the options that are available to you pertaining to child abuse and child abuse law.

Child Abuse

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Defining Child Abuse

Child abuse can take a variety of different forms but all are wrong and none of them are the child’s fault. There are two broad categories: abuse ...

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Child Abuse Law

Child abuse is one of the most destructive crimes in our society, with the damage to the child persisting through their entire lifetime.  Because the...

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Laws Protecting Children

In the United States there are federal provisions that require all states to have laws protecting children from child abuse. In every State, health ...

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