The Alimony Law Center contains a selection of resources and information pertaining to alimony law, which is one of numerous facets of family law. Alimony law deals with the subject of alimony, which is monetary compensation from one spouse to another following a divorce. Having access to alimony law resources is important during a divorce in order to make sure that both spouses are able to continue with their normal quality of life even after the divorce proceedings have been finalized. Alimony is not the same as child support, and is intended to compensate the spouse rather than the children.


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How Alimony Works

Often times in relationships, one partner will bring in more money or provide more monetary support to the family while another partner will provide...

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Tax Information on Alimony

Alimony or spousal support is an amount of money determined by a judge, which will be paid from one spouse to another in the event of separation or ...

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Types of Alimony

Often times in a relationship, one partner earns more money than the other.  In some relationships, one partner earns no money at all but takes care ...

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Alimony - FAQ

Alimony is a legal obligation of one spouse to make monetary contributions to the other spouse when separation or divorce occurs.  There are many re...

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Alimony Law

Alimony laws generally apply when there is a termination of marriage due to divorce.  Alimony can also be referred to as spousal support or spousal...

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