Adopted Adults Argue for Open Records

July 22, 2009

For those individuals who were adopted when they were infants or young children often have questions about their biological parents, as they grow older. However, many are surprised to find that when they begin to delve into records, they are denied access to information regarding their own parents.

Adoptees are very often denied requests to see their original birth certificates and in 44 states throughout the U.S., the records are considered “closed.” They feel that their rights to know their biological families are being kept from them.

However, proponents for the closed system argue that oftentimes when a parent requests a closed adoption, a promise is made, regarding his or her privacy. If original birth certificates were given out to adoptees, then they would be free to seek out their biological parents, perhaps leading to disruptions in their parents’ lives. For example, rape victims or those subjected to incest often never want to see their children again. The rights and requests of the parents must also be respected.