Why Hiring A DUI Lawyer in San Diego is so important

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Hiring an attorney is always important if your charged with a DUI in San Diego County, but hiring a local attorney that knows the different courts and has experience is even more critical, here's why. In San Diego County there are 4 Superior Courts.  Downtown, East County, South Bay, and North County.  In 3 of the 4 courts the cases are proscuted by the DA with the exception of Downtown which is prosecuted by the City Attorneys office.  With that said the different courts can have different ways they prosecute DUI's.  For example, if your case is out of the downtown court and the BAC was over .15% the City Attorney will want an ignition interlock installed as part of the sentencing, however, that may not be the case in the other courts.  Vista has a different sentencing enhancement if a DUI is over .20%.  So in short, a DUI may look the same on paper but where its prosecuted and how its prosecuted can be entirely different.  With nearly 30 years experience as an attorney and our offices all in San Diego County Ross Law Center can help you and even offers a free office consultation to discuss your case.  Call 858-805-5772 or visit us online at Rosslawcenter.com

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