Keychain Breathalyzers and DUI Arrests

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Keychain, or hand-held, breathalyzers are becoming more and more popular. In fact, some bars even have coin operated machines. However, should you depend upon these machines and the calculations they make. In short, the answer is NO. Firstly, the accuracy of the machine very well may be suspect to begin with. Issues with residual mouth alcohol (or alcohol left over in your mouth, but not in your blood system) and other false readings can lead to inaccurate results. Alcohol is dynamic in the human body and while it travels through the blood system. Alcohol in your blood system is like a bell curve and absorbs (gets in to the blood stream) and dissipates (is eliminated from the blood system) at varying rates for each individual. A BAC calcuation from a keychain breathalyzer at a bar very well could be much different than what your BAC would be while driving a vehicle later in time. The absorption and dissipation of alcohol are very important factors that must be considered.

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