Chesterfield Advocate Resigns After DUI Arrest

A respected anti-substance abuse advocate in Chesterfield has resigned after he was charged with DUI.  Glenn Wayne Frith was stopped at 11:52 p.m. on November 26th.  There was also a report of a hit and run accident in a nearby vacinity that authorities suspect may have involved Frith as well.  Following his arrest and subsequent DUI charge, Frith resigned his position with SAFE, the coalition for a Substance Abuse Free Environment.
The Chesterfield man admitted to being an alcoholic and addict.  He spoke to groups about his prior issues with heavy drinking, including losing a high paying job in Juvenile Justice Services.  This was Frith's first DUI arrest despite his struggles with alcohol.
This illustrates once again that a person can get a DUI no matter how that person is employed.  Although DUI offenders are sometimes type cast, the reality is that people in all professions can get be arrested for drunk driving.  Policeman, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and lawyers are all just as vulnerable to a drunk driving arrest as anyone else.
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Source:, "Chesterfield anti-substance abuse advocate resigns after DUI charge," Mark Bowes, January 7, 2014.