Can an Omaha DUI Matter in Other States?

Can you get a DUI in Omaha, Nebraska and be punished by another state’s DMV?  Maybe, it depends how and whether the state recognizes The Interstate Driver’s License Compact.  This agreement between 45 participating states to share information related to certain types of criminal or traffic convictions can affect the outcome of your Nebraska DUI.  Basically, this agreement forces DMV’s to recognize other DMV’s decisions as to drivers who receive DUI, DWI, or Drunk Driving convictions.  For example, if you receive a DUI, DWI, or Drunk Driving Offense in Omaha, Nebraska, the Nebraska DMV will share your conviction information with 45 other states and make getting a license in those states contingent on the Nebraska driver’s eligibility for reinstatement.  Often times, the information shared relates to DUI, DWI, or Drunk Driving convictions.  The Interstate Driver's License Compact is an agreement between the 45 participating states to share information regarding certain types of convictions, including Drunk Driving (DUI and DWI) convictions.

Because of the Compact, any driver who has multi-state driving concerns and has received a DUI in Nebraska, Omaha, Douglas County should contact a lawyer who has experience dealing with Interstate Driver’s License Compact.  Omaha DUI attorney Robb N. Gage,, 402-498-2777 has dealt with hundreds of dui cases and has the experience necessary to deal with multi-state concerns.

Omaha DUI lawyer Robb N. Gage has represented Omaha DUI and Nebraska DUI drivers for many years. Employing technical analysis of the nuts and bolts of DUI prosecution is his trademark. To contact the author regarding an Omaha, Nebraska DUI arrest, please visit or call him at 402-498-2777.