Nebraska Drivers...Should You Take the Test?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. In the past, many Omaha DUI drivers wondered whether taking a breathalyzer test was in their interest.  While there have been times in the past where a refusal may have been justified, recent legislative changes in relation to ignition interlock devices and license loss periods make blowing the right thing to do.

For instance, in Nebraska, DUI drivers who refuse the test can be denied ignition interlock licenses or receive longer suspension periods.  Most significant to re-offenders who refuse is the denial of the ignition interlock device.  In 2009, Nebraska changed the requirements for DUI punishments to include, for virtually every offender, ignition interlock device access.  These devices significantly reduce the amount non-driving time an offender will have to suffer.

But, if a driver refuses, the court could deny access to the interlock device.  If driving and lower penalties are important to the driver, refusal is not the best option.

Robb N. Gage

Omaha DUI lawyer Robb N. Gage has represented Omaha DUI and Nebraska DUI drivers for many years.  Employing technical analysis of the nuts and bolts of DUI prosecution is his trademark.  To contact the author regarding an Omaha, Nebraska DUI arrest, please visit or call him at 402-498-2777.