Ignition Interlocks Make DUI Penalties Less Severe and the Roads Safer

In the past, most DUI drivers in Omaha, Nebraska had to sit out their no license periods (revoked dui drivers license) with no work permit or interlock permit.  Because of recent legislation in Nebraska, drivers who receive dui’s in Omaha or across the state are likely eligible for the ignition interlock device.  Ignition interlock is a technology that allows courts and probation officers to monitor the driving and drinking habits of probationers.  Praised because it allows DUI drivers to keep driving but prevents them from driving drunk.  In one sense it allows the drunk driver more freedom by allowing driving, and, in another sense, it tightens the reins on drunk drivers by preventing drunk driving.

Here’s how it works.  A DUI driver arrested in Omaha, Nebraska is found guilty of DUI.  At sentencing, the driver hires an Omaha DUI lawyer who can request that the defendant be ordered to install the ignition interlock.  After a short waiting period of either 30 or 45 days, the defendant may apply for the ignition interlock license.  What is necessary to accomplish that is 1) a court order authorizing the license and 2) a certificate of installation from an approved installer.

Robb N. Gage

Omaha DUI lawyer Robb N. Gage has represented Omaha DUI and Nebraska DUI drivers for many years. Employing technical analysis of the nuts and bolts of DUI prosecution is his trademark. To contact the author regarding an Omaha, Nebraska DUI arrest, please visit OmahaDUI.com or call him at 402-498-2777.