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Effects of North Carolina DWI Law on Your License

One of the most important aspects of DWI laws in North Carolina is the implication that they have for your license.

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The Massachusetts Ignition Interlock Device Law

Effective, January 1, 2006, any driver with a two or more DUI convictions on his or her record, who is  reinstating from a DUI suspension, is require...

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Hardship Licensing in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles imposes harsh penalties, in the form of license suspensions, for those who are convicted of operating und...

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New York Could Become Tougher for Motorists Driving While Impaired

Under New York’s “implied consent” law, all drivers are deemed to consent to chemical testing of blood, breath, saliva, or urine if arrested on ...

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What are the Penalties for a First DUI Offense in Florida?

Learn about the consequences, both legal and financial, of a first DUI conviction in Florida.

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Ohio DUI / OVI Penalties

The penalties for DUI’s (now called OVI’s) in Ohio depend upon whether one refused or submitted to a test, the number of prior convictions, and th...

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