The Myth of the Breathalyzer Machine

Each day in America, thousands of people are subjected to breathalyzer tests by the police based on the suspicion of drunk driving. The fallacy of these machines is very easy to demonstrate but to prosecutors they are the word of perfect science. To begin with, these machines try to estimate the amount of alchohol in someone's blood by taking an sample of their breath. This should strike anyone as fraudulent. The only way to determine how much alcohol is in the blood is to actually take a blood sample. In addition in busy places like New York City, the machines are rarely fixed and court documents often reveal huge gaps in maintenance.

So Why Are They Used?

To put it simply, the courts and prosecutors love these machines because it makes their jobs a lot easier. In a trial all a prosecutor needs to do is talk about how high the defendant blew and he does not have to do anything else. These machines are also cheap to operate when compared to having to train police officers on how to take blood from a suspect. The idea of police officers taking blood from people should frighten everyone. The real tragedy is that these machines are making criminals out of people that otherwise have done nothing wrong. Attacking these machines in court is an effective way to show the jury how flawed they are and how unfair DWI prosecutions have become.