The DUI and the DMV Law Center is designed to provide access to information relating to obtaining a DUI and subsequently dealing with the DMV as a result. A DUI charge means that you have been charged with driving under the influence of either alcohol, drugs or prescription medications. The DMV is responsible for keeping track of your driving record. Part of dealing with a DUI charge often means a suspended license, rate hikes for your automobile insurance, and accepting a number of points against your driving record, which are stored in the DMV database.

DUI and the DMV

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Implied Consent Law

When applying for a driver’s license in your respective state, you may or may not be aware of the documents you sign, which corroborate your accepta...

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Getting a Restricted License

Following a conviction for a driving under the influence charge, individuals often face severe consequences stemming from these charges.  The potenti...

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DUI Drivers License Procedures

At a DMV hearing, a DUI defendent awaiting license suspension has the opportunity to explain to the court why his license should not be suspended, o...

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