Workers Compensation Laws in Texas

Many people do know what workers compensation is and try to be on the lookout when trying to get a job for what a company's policies are when pertaining to worker compensation. Other individuals are not so lucky; this section is to help you know what workers compensation is and why it is important to know not only the policies pertaining to it but also to know what it is and how it works. Workers compensation is a form of compensation that takes place of insurance and waves a persons right to sue the company responsible. Meaning if you are injured in minor or severe ways, or even if you die due to your place of employment or the job that you have, you are not able legally to sue the company that you work for and neither is your family.

The company responsible pays you either by only paying the medical and hospital bills associated with the injury, pay you per month due to you not being able to work anymore or in place of your death they pay your family per month.

Workers Compensation After Death

If you are faced with the death of a loved one, the last thing you want on your mind has to deal with your loved one's company and their policies. You have yourself and the rest of your family and everyone's needs to think about, not red tape or someone refusing to do what is right. You need to know everything will be fine and in most cases, you might be waiting for a check that will determine whether or not you can buy food at the end of the week.

Before your loved one's passing, he or she will have probably signed a document stating that he or she gave up his or her and his or her family's right to sue the company that he or she was working for, in exchange for having workers compensation. This compensation should extend to you as the surviving family members. You will want to investigate if this document was signed and learn what aid you will be receiving.

Planning for the Future

After your loved one dies, you will need to know your compensation will only last so long. It is important to begin planning for the future right away. Take the time you have and begin looking for employment or support from an alternate source.