Workers Compensation Laws in New Hampshire

In the state of New Hampshire, unlike some other states, no waivers are permitted to allow employees with small numbers of employers to avoid carrying worker's compensation insurance.  All employers are required to provide this insurance.  Nevada doesn't have a state fund for this purpose, so employers must self-insure or choose a private carrier.

Also unlike many other states, Nevada's worker's compensation laws apply to all employees. In some other states agricultural employees and those employing domestic servants may voluntarily provide worker's compensation insurance for employees, but it's not required.  In New Hampshire, agricultural workers and domestic servants are covered under the law like every other employee, and are guaranteed worker's compensation benefits if they become eligible.


The injured employee is allowed to choose a physician, hospital or other medical institution of his or her choice.  Medical benefits are paid for the entire duration of the employee's disability.

Payments for permanent total disability and temporary total disability are subject to maximums, and are paid the entire duration of the employee's disability. Payments for permanent partial disability are based on the same percentages and maximums as the other types of disability, but the maximum amount of weeks these benefits will be paid is 262 weeks.

Physical and rehabilitation benefits, and sometimes vocational rehabilitation benefits, are available.  Under certain circumstances, occupational hearing losses may be compensated, and benefits may be paid for disfigurement or severe scarring from burns an employee received while on the job.  These are on a case by case basis.


Worker's compensation payments are based on 60% of a worker's wage. The minimum weekly payment is $251.10 or the employee's actual wage, if less.  The payment cannot exceed 90% of the worker's actual weekly wages after taxes.  The maximum weekly payment is $1255.50.

For non-scheduled injuries in New Hampshire's injury codes, the total amount of permanent partial disability payments over the maximum 262 weeks cannot exceed $328,941.

Other Benefits

Death benefits are subject to a cap and are based on the employee's wages, as well.  These are paid to the employee's spouse or spouse and children.  Compensation can me made for a burial allowance.

For employee's attorney expenses in regards to acquiring worker's compensation payments, New Hampshire allows payment of this amount up to 20%, but in certain cases and under special circumstances, the attorney fee may be added to the worker's compensation award.