Traffic Violation Laws in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the many states in the US to use a demerit point system to handle aspects of its traffic law system. A point system is one in which a person is assessed a certain number of points when convicted of a traffic violation. If enough points are accumulated, the person may be subject to suspension or revocation of the their license. This article outlines some points values for breaking traffic violation laws in New Hampshire.

One Point Violations

Breaking some minor traffic violation laws in New Hampshire only results in one point being added to a person’s license. As few as six points can result in a penalty, so New Hampshire drivers should be especially vigilant when on the roads. One-point violations include: operation of an unregistered vehicle, driving a car that hasn’t been properly inspected, and driving without a New Hampshire driver’s license.

Two Point Violations

A slightly more serious breach of traffic violation laws in New Hampshire can result in two points being assessed. These violations include:

  • failing to furnish a driver’s license when requested by an officer of the law
  • allowing an unlicensed or underage person, or a person with a suspended or revoked license to drive a vehicle
  • disobeying the rules imposed on a restricted license
  • operating a vehicle of an improper class (i.e. driving a commercial vehicle without a commercial license)
  • driving a motorcycle without the proper license
  • disobeying the direct orders of a police officer

Three Point Violations

The most common instances of breaking traffic violation laws in New Hampshire result in three point assessments. These common violations include:

  • failure to obey a traffic control device or any street sign
  • following another vehicle too closely, or “tailgating”
  • driving on a sidewalk
  • failure to yield the right of way
  • not utilizing a turn signal
  • backing up illegally
  • speeding, up to 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit
  • failure to display proper license plates
  • several other offenses

Four and Six Point Violations

There are many more serious violations that can occur that can result in stiffer penalties under traffic violation law in New Hampshire, as well as more points. Just a few of these violations include: driving without a license, excessive speeding, improper passing, driving while intoxicated, failure to stop after an accident, and more.