Traffic Violation Laws in Missouri

Many states, Missouri among them, use point systems to adjudicate traffic violation issues. Each time a person breaks traffic violation laws in Missouri, they are subject to a number of points on their license. If enough points are attained, the person’s license is subject to suspension or revocation. Losing the ability to drive can be devastating to a person’s life, as they can no longer get to work, among other things.

The Missouri Department of Revenue is responsible for adding points to a driving record. Whenever they are informed by the courts that you were convicted of breaking traffic violation laws in Missouri, they will assess a certain number of points. The number of points is dependent on the type and severity of the law broken.

Point Values for Different Violations

For instance, speeding violations are generally either 2 or 3 points, depending upon how fast you were going over the speed limit and the jurisdiction in which you were speeding. Negligent or careless driving is worth 4 points. If you commit a felony that involves using a motor vehicle, 12 points will be added your license. Operating a vehicle while your license is already suspended or revoked is also worth 12 points.

Punitive Action Based on Number of Points

As you accumulate more points, you’ll receive warnings and punitive actions from the Missouri Department of Revenue. After getting 4 points within a yearlong period, you’ll receive a notice about your point accumulation. If additional breaches of traffic violation laws in Missouri lead to more points, your license will be suspended at 8 points. The length of a suspension will vary depending on how many prior suspensions are on record.

Reinstating a License

If you manage to attain 12 or more points in a year, 18 points in two years, or 24 points in 3 years, your license can be revoked for up to a year. After the suspension or revocation period is over, you can usually have your license reinstated for a small fee. However, if you broke alcohol related traffic violation laws in Missouri, you may be subject to more fees and be forced to take a substance abuse program. Even after a license is reinstated, however, the record of any breaches of traffic violation laws in Missouri will be permanently noted on your record.