Traffic Violation Laws in Kentucky

It’s important for everyone’s safety that every person driving on Kentucky follows the traffic rules. When people try to speed up their trips by speeding or otherwise ignoring the rules of the road, they are subject to traffic violation laws in Kentucky, and may have to pay a fine or even face jail time. There are a lot of different potential offenses to be aware of.

There are two primary types of traffic violation laws in Kentucky: moving violations and non-moving violations. Just as it sounds, the main difference is whether or not the vehicle was moving or not at the time of violation. Generally speaking, moving violations are the more serious of the two offenses, but there are some fairly severe penalties for certain non-moving violations as well.

Moving Traffic Violation Laws in Kentucky

Some common moving violations include some of the following. When a driver is driving too high above or too far below the posted speed limit for an area. Both violations can be subject to a fine. Another moving violation is failing to notice road signs or pay attention to traffic signals. Even if this doesn’t result in an accident, it is still dangerous and can result in a fine if caught. Another similar type of traffic violation laws in Kentucky is failing to notice another driver’s turn signals, or failing to use one’s own signals. This can easily cause an accident, as people tend to slow down when turning. If one person isn’t watching turn signals they may rear end another.

Following too closely is also illegal according to traffic violation laws in Kentucky. This when a driver does not maintain the correct distance between the front of their car and the rear of another car. It’s also known as “tailgating.” This is another dangerous problem, as it doesn’t give the person following too closely enough time to react to sudden slowdowns or stops.

Non-Moving Traffic Violation Laws in Kentucky

Most non-moving violations relate to parking issues. You are subject to fines or even having your vehicle towed if you park in a restricted zone. Another one of the notable non-moving traffic violation laws in Kentucky is parking front of a fire hydrant. It’s important that the fire department is always able to get to a fire hydrant, so the police are vigilant in ticketing this offense.