Traffic Violation Laws in Indiana

While driving in the great state of Indiana, motorist should operate their vehicles with an understanding of the traffic violation laws that are in force. These laws have been enacted to ensure public safety, and are meant to protect anyone who has reason to travel on any roadway. By understanding the types of laws that are in place, you can help to ensure that you are responsible for your actions at all times while on the road.

Traffic Violation Laws in Indiana

There are a variety of traffic violation laws in Indiana. They can range from relatively less serious like failing to maintain a vehicle or failure to wear a seatbelt, to very serious charges like driving while drunk or participating in a race on an open roadway. Other violations also exist, such as entering into illegal u-turns, failing to yield or signal, and of course speeding. Depending on the severity of the traffic violation laws that are being broken, there are a number of punishment that can result, including points, fines, and even losing your driver’s license. Because of that, it is important to not only understand the laws but to remain responsible for your actions and your vehicle at all times.

When Pulled Over

When you are pulled over for breaking traffic violation laws in Indiana, you must remain in your vehicle until the officer approaches. Do not get out of your vehicle unless you are instructed to do so. Be ready to answer any questions the police officer may have. It is possible that you have been pulled over by accident, and the answers to his questions may result in your leaving the scene without any citation being issued. If you do receive a citation, however, accept it courteously, regardless of if you intend to fight it at a later time.

Satisfying Citations

Once you have received a citation, you are bound to respond to it within a short amount of time, or a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you wish to plead guilty, you may do so by signing the ticket you have been issued and mailing it in with the appropriate amount of money to satisfy the fine. Points will automatically be added to your record. To fight your ticket, first retain an attorney that has a thorough understanding of traffic violation laws in Indiana. Then you can request that a date be set to appear in court.