Restoring a Suspended License

A driver’s license can be suspended because of a DUI conviction, driving without insurance, and for an accumulation of points. Following these incidents, the process of restoring a suspended driver’s license can be lengthy and difficult one without the assistance of an attorney. The laws governing suspended licenses, as well as restoring suspended licenses, are a state level matter, which only an attorney in your state can effectively assist you. Aside from the criminal penalties a motorist faces when charged with DUI or other driving infractions, they also have to deal with the possibility of having their license suspended, which is part of the administrative penalties ascribed to given state laws.. The length of the suspension depends on a litany of factors, including how many times the motorist has been charged with criminal driving offenses and the past driving history of the motorist as well. The length of a suspension for an accumulation of points also varies depending on how many times the license has been suspended before, how many points have been accumulated, and what the motorist’s record contains in terms of other driving problems.

The Process of Restoring a License

Anyone that has had their license suspended should perform research regarding how long their suspension will last and what they can do to restore their license.  This information can be forwarded to an attorney, which will need these facts in assessing and representing your driving interests in a given state. If a license has been suspended for any reason, the motorist must serve their entire suspension before their license can be restored for driving privileges unless other appeals are taken by an attorney before an administrative panel of that state’s licensing bureau. Once the suspension has been served, the motorist can then contact their local DMV office for information pertaining to restoring their license. The DMV office will then provide the motorist with all of the information necessary for restoration. All restoration requests must be submitted via mail to the motorist’s local DMV office.

After Submitting a Request for Renewal

Even though the motorist has submitted their request to have their license restored, they are not legally allowed to begin driving again. The motorist cannot begin driving again until they receive a notice in the mail that their privileges have been restored and they have received a new license as well. The motorist cannot drive even if their suspension has been completed. If a motorist has their license suspended three times within three years they are eligible to have their license suspended for a period of three years. Most restoration procedures will cost $100 and the fee can be paid in person at the local DMV office. Once the license has been restored the driver will face a mandatory probation period after the driver completes the Probationary Driver Program or the Driver Improvement Program.