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Is Texting and Driving a Crime?

There are two fairly new crisis’ that faces the country today, one of them is the highly publicized opioid epidemic and the

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Striking Racial Disparities in California Traffic Courts

A recent study released by Back on the Road California (BOTRCA) found that a stu

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California Speeding Tickets With Radar

Speeding Tickets Measured by Radar    

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California Speeding Tickets With Laser

Speeding Ticket Measured by Laser    

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Red Light Camera Ticket In California


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How Traffic Citations Can Add a License Point to Your Record

Unfortunately, many Florida drivers don’t fully understand the Florida license point system.

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How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

This simple refresher from your eighth grade math class tells you almost everything you need to know to cross-examine a police officer regarding vis...

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Can Police Search My Car?

New guidelines dictate when an officer can search your car. The United States Supreme Court recently handed down an important opinion that narrows the...

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Guide to Tickets and Traffic Court

Millions of traffic tickets are issued each year in the United States.  The average fine costs around $150, but in some states, a driver can be fin...

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