The Juvenile Resource Center has information and resources relating to laws that concern the welfare of juveniles.  Because children don't have the exact same set of rights under the law as adults, juvenile law is a specialty that requires knowledgeable legal counsel.  Whether it's a juvenile criminal issue or a civil matter, here you'll find advice on the best steps to take in your situation and information about the law as it pertains to juveniles and minors.  You can find a lawyer to advise you on legal matters involving a juvenile, help protect your rights or the rights of the juvenile, depending on whether you're dealing with a criminal or civil juvenile case.


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South Carolina Juvenile Delinquency Cases, Child Crimes

In South Carolina, juvenile delinquency cases are heard in family court.  A child (also known as a juvenile) is defined as a person less than 17 year...

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When a juvenile is arrested in Illinois

When a parent gets a call in the middle of the night that his or her child has been arrested, it can be a frightening experience.  If at all possible...

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When Can a Juvenile be Charged as an Adult in Criminal Court?

The age of the suspect, criminal record, severity of the crime, and other factors play a role in determining whether a minor should be tried as an adu...

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Juvenile Incorrigibility Laws: Refusal to Obey Parents

If a child's disobedience is severe enough that he or she is found to be incorrigible, there may be serious legal consequences.

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Juvenile Court and Crimes

Juveniles, or minors, accused of committing crimes are treated significantly differently than their adult counterparts.  In order to cope with you...

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Overview of Juvenile Law

Juvenile law is a system which allows law enforcement and authority to provide discipline or assistance to children or individuals under the legal a...

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Underage Criminal Defense

A juvenile offender can find out the hard way that they have fewer rights under the law than their adult counterparts if they are arrested and charged...

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