Domestic Violence in California

What is domestic violence?  Am I a victim of domestic violence?  Have I perpetrated domestic violence?  These are some of the common questions that linger in the minds of those likely involved in a domestic violence incident.

Domestic violence is commonly misunderstood as only being a confrontation involving physical violence and resulting physical injuries.  Domestic violence, however, is not limited to acts that result in physical harm to the victim.  Acts of emotional and/or psychological abuse may also be considered domestic violence by California family courts.

Generally, domestic violence, includes, but is not limited to, harassing, hitting, threatening, disturbing the peace, or causing damage to personal property of another person within certain categorized relationships with the perpetrator.  The negative effects of domestic violence can manifest not only on the victim and perpetrator; but, most unfortunately, on their children.

Victims of domestic violence have various avenues of protection available to them of which a domestic violence restraining order may be the most effective.  Children can also be named as additional protected persons under a victim parent's domestic violence restraining order.  Perpetrators of domestic violence may be ordered by the California family courts to complete batterer's intervention programs, turn-in fire arms, or participate in other programs.

If you or someone you know is involved in domestic violence, the first effective step towards ensuring protection may be consultation with an experienced domestic violence attorney.  At Bayati Law Group, we have extensive experience in handling domestic violence matters in family court.  Contact our offices today for a consultation regarding your circumstances and options available to you to ensure your protection.