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Accidental Domestic Violence Charge

The situation is far too common. A couple has a little argument, or a big argument for that matter. There is no violence. There are no threats, no f...

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Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence law is in place to protect individuals from partners, spouses or roommates who are abusive.  There are many steps law enforcement ...

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Domestic Violence – Find Help

  Victims of domestic violence may be afraid to seek help; afraid that their partners will seek vengeance or punish them for trying to find help....

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What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is characterized as physical violence, threats of physical violence or inspiring fear of physical or other forms of abuse toward a...

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Domestic Violence FAQ

Domestic violence is a dangerous thing and it’s a scary thing as well, yet it happens to 1 in every 3 women.  When an individual is not sure what ...

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Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Recently, many employers have begun to pay more attention to the possibility of domestic violence occurring to their employees.  Often times, for in...

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Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders

Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders are both for the purpose of keeping one individual away from another individual or protecting them.  Re...

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