On Hiring A Private Attorney

For those Defendants seeking legal assistance in these tough times some observations on hiring your own paid attorney.

Income Requirements

First of all you must meet the income requirements to qualify for a public defender.  Some states are more lenient than others, but if you must lie about your income or lack of it to get a free attorney, you are already starting off on the wrong foot.

Experience and Accountability

More importantly, it might be worth it to you to scrounge up the money any way you can to hire a good private attorney.  The experience and accountability that you get for your money can play a huge part in the eventual outcome of your case.


When you are faced with a criminal charge you need an aggressive, hard-charging lawyer who is willing to put himself on the line for you and can really focus on your case.   

Money is something a lot of people don't have these days and especially criminal defendants.  And while it may seem like paying money, (in some cases a lot of money) for a private attorney is an extravagance it is an extremely important life-changing decision.

When you are in the slammer, sitting there with a conviction, you may well wish you had spent the extra money to hire private counsel.  Yeah, it's not like buying a car, or a big screen TV or a house where you have something tangible to show for your money.

But how tangible is your freedom?