Department of Child Support Services Role and Family Law

Department of Child Support Services can be a great asset to the party that is seeking child support.  DCSS is a government agency that helps collect child support. The state has an interest in ensuring that children have sufficient support.

There are few ways that DCSS can get involved in a case.  DCSS will automatically open a case if a  party seeks public assistance.  The state will seek support payment from the other party to ensure that the state does not pay unnecessary assistance.

A party can open up a DCSS   case on their own accord. DCSS will do their own initial paperwork, which saves the party money in attorney fees.  After DCSS files a motion there will be a court hearing. If there is a child support order after the DCSS hearing, DCSS will be the party enforcing support.  This again saves clients money in attorney fees.

The Department of Child Support Services can help protect your interest in a family law case or it can be adverse to your interest. So it is vital to speak to a family law attorney in Oakdale, CA or Pleasanton, CA to help ensure you get a positive result in your family case.