The Contracts Law Center is provides information and resources pertaining to contracts and contract law. A contract is a written or verbal exchange of promises that exists between two or more different parties to complete an act or refrain from an act. Contracts are legal agreements that are enforceable in a court of law, so it is important to understand contract law and all about contracts. Contract law can be classified as part of a general obligation law as is habitual in many different civil law systems. Here you will find an explanation of the options that are available to you pertaining to contracts and contract law.


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Key Components of a Finder Agreement

Companies enter into finder agreements in a variety of business contexts.  The company may be looking for financing, strategic partners, acquirers,...

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Business Contracts

In almost every case of contract litigation, the process of resolved implied or undefined agreements is much, much costlier than utilizing the counsel...

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Elements of a Contract

To ensure that a contract is legal and binding, there are certain elements that must be included and agreed to by all parties involved.  By le...

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Breach of Contract

When you have entered into a contract with another party, you are doing so with the expectation that both the other party and yourself will perform ce...

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Selling a Home in a Slow Market

Unfortunately, Sellers of Real Estate in the current market cannot look to the market that existed in 2003-2006 for guidance in selling a home....

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Defending a Contract Breach

In theory, the idea of a contract should be simple and irreversible.  However, there are numerous technicalities to consider, all of which have bee...

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