There are specific laws that pertain to how businesses can set themselves up. Businesses can be started up as sole proprietorships, general or limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, S corporations, professional associations, limited liability companies, business trusts and professional corporations. Each business structure has its own unique laws regarding how the business can operate, how it can do taxes and so on and so forth. Here you will find an explanation of the options that are available to you pertaining to business structures and the laws surrounding them.

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Arizona LLC Name Requirements

One of the most important steps in the organization of an Arizona LLC is choosing a name that complies with: (a) Arizona's LLC Act, (b) other Arizona ...

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Importance of Annual Corporate Meeting with Sample Agenda

Delaware corporations must hold stockholder meetings every year. Failure to do so may call into question whether your corporation has been following...

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Form LLC Businesses

  A limited liability company (LLC) is a legal business entity that combines the most favorable features of a partnership with the most favorable ...

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Joint Venture

As the adage goes, “good contracts in business are like good fences between neighbors”, and when considering entering into a joint venture, every ...

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Limited Partnership

A business limited partnership, though seemingly a complex term, means exactly what the title specifies.  In business relations, business owners fal...

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Delaware Incorporation

During the high-tech bubble in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the idea of a quick path to an initial public offering became so entrenched that star...

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Business Subchapter S Corporation

A business subchapter S corporation derives its title from the taxation codes that these company structures fall under according to Chapter 1, subch...

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Basics of Business Structures

Business structures typically are comprised of certain key points that make them different. There are several business structures that have differen...

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The global nature of the doing online business presents unique and challenging legal issues for an e-business attorney and every internet business own...

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E-Commerce Law

The definition of an e-commerce is essentially the purchase, sale, or exchange of goods and services via the internet.  Additionally, e-commerce inc...

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