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Many people seek bankruptcy as a means to stop foreclosure activity on their home and modify their mortgage.  If you’re facing foreclosure, KEL Attorneys may be able to get you an emergency petition for bankruptcy that immediately prevents the bank from taking your house.

By filing either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all foreclosure proceedings on your home by the lender must cease immediately.  This is in accordance with the stay provision under U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  If you file a chapter 13, you can participate in the court ordered mediation program that has shown tremendous success in obtaining loan modifications for homeowners.  If you file a chapter 7, you may have opportunity to obtain a loan modification by working with your lender directly and keeping your home.

Keep in mind that by entering into foreclosure you will be able to address any other debts you may have such as credit cards, some IRS tax debt, medical bills, etc.  By eliminating or reducing this other debt, it may also assist you being able for afford your current mortgage payment or help you qualify for a reduced payment.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys to discuss foreclosure defense strategies now.  Contact us at (855) 215-2280.

We offer debt relief solutions in compliance with U.S Bankruptcy Code.

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