The Chapter 11 Resource Center provides access to information relating to Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a legal proceeding relieving you of the responsibility of paying debt, or otherwise providing protections while you attempt to repay your debts. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is reorganization bankruptcy that is designed to suit consumers and businesses that have an extraordinary amount of debt. Reorganization bankruptcy like Chapter 11 bankruptcy is designed to let you create a plan for repaying your debts so that the court can provide protections for you while you focus on repaying those debts.

Chapter 11

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The Reorganization Plan

For 120 days after the petition is filed the debtor is the only party who is entitled to submit a plan of reorganization. It is possible to apply for ...

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Chapter 11 Basics

Within the tide of the recent financial times and reeling from the mortgage crisis meltdown, many businesses and non-businesses face the looming fut...

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The Chapter 11 Process

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is known as “reorganization” and is the usual chapter for large corporations and partnerships seeking to reorganize their de...

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Small Business and Chapter 11

If a small business is a corporation or partnership, it is a separate legal entity from its shareholders and partners. Such an entity is able to fil...

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Business Bankruptcy

For companies facing the debate of undergoing a business bankruptcy, the utmost expertise and guidance should be sought in this delicate and complex...

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Chapter 11 and Stockholders

Unlike Chapter 7, Chapter 11 allows a company to continue trading, but this isn’t necessarily always good news for stockholders. There is always t...

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