Deciding to File Bankruptcy in Maine

Should You File For Bankruptcy Protection?

This can be a difficult and heart wrenching decision.

When I receive a new call, I ask a few simple questions:

1.  Are you married?

2.  Do you have children?

3.  What is your household annual income?

4.  How much debt do you have (focus on credit cards, medical bills, other unscured debts)?

5.  Do you feel you are unable to keep up with your bills?

If your debt is high, and your income is insufficient to keep up with your bills, it makes sense to talk to a bankruptcy attorney.  Bankruptcy may NOT be the right choice for you, but even if you don't decide to file bankruptcy, the lawyer is likely to have excellent insights into how to manage your debt situation.

Talking to a bankruptcy attorney is generally free for the initial meeting.  It doesn't hurt, and can make your life infinately less stressful.

If debt is ruling your life, call an attorney - it could change your life!

From the Author: Chris L'Hommedieu