From Toys to Car Seats - 5 Dangerous Child-Related Products

Did you know that many of the most dangerous products on the market are products designed for children and minors? Because there are so many products for children, there are hundreds of different products recalled by manufacturers every year. But by the time a recall has been initiated, the defective toy may have already caused many injuries to small children.

Defective and dangerous products can be caused by many things, including:

·        Defective design

·        Manufacturing defect

·        Ineffective or no warning label.

This article details five of the most dangerous child-related products on the market in the U.S. in recent years, as well as ways you can keep your child safe. If your child has been injured by one of these or another child-related product, it is important to speak to a personal injury attorney in your area to determined possible legal options.

Drop-Side Cribs

A crib with a movable drop side can suddenly drop and suffocate or strangle your baby. Drop-side cribs have been associated with more than 30 deaths since 2000, and there were hundreds of other reported injuries before the product was banned by the CPSC several years ago.

Tougher crib standards have gone into effect since drop-side cribs were banned. If you are looking at cribs for purchase, make sure you buy one that was produced after June 2011.

Beside Sleepers

These are also known as co-sleepers. They are designed for mothers to sleep near their children while nursing. But the CPSC has yet to set any safety regulations for them, and Consumer Reports does not recommend that mothers use them because the risk of suffocation is too high. Keep in mind that children die every year because their sleeping parents roll on top of them.

It is always safer to use a full-sized crib with fixed sides.

Changing Tables With Fewer Than Four Sides

These types of changing tables are hazardous because the child can roll and fall onto the floor. It is estimated by the CPSC that 4,500 children under the age of five were hurt on these changing tables in 2009.

Current safety standards are for changing tables to have barriers on all four sides. It also is a good idea for the changing table to have a safety strap to secure the baby from a fall. Another option is to use a changing pad on the floor.

Unsecured Furniture

It is very easy for an unsecured piece of heavy furniture to fall over and kill a child instantly. From 2000 to 2008, the CPSC got reports of almost 200 deaths that were related to furniture (such as a dresser) falling on children. Almost all the deaths involved children who were five or younger. Another 16,000 children who were five and younger were treated in ERs due to falling furniture, TVs and other types of heavy objects in the home.

Just make sure any heavy furniture in the home is secured to the wall with straps.

Sling Carriers

Carrying your baby on the front of you keeps him close to you. But did you know that over the last two decades there have been 14 deaths related to sling-type front baby carriers? Dozens of children have also been injured, including fractures to the skull, head injuries, abrasions and contusions. Most of the injuries occurred when the child simply fell out of the sling. There also is a risk of asphyxia or suffocation for children who are younger than four months.

It is safer to use a stroller, handheld carrier or car seat when you need to take baby with you.

Remember to speak to a personal injury attorney today if your baby has been injured by any consumer product.


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