5 Questions You Should Ask a Car Accident Lawyer Before Hiring Them


Being involved in a car accident is a frightening experience for anyone. If you sustain injuries because of the crash, the situation is even more serious. For example, your injuries may cause you to miss work and experience significant pain. You may also accumulate medical expenses. If your injuries lead to chronic disability, the costs and consequences of your injuries will continue to snowball for many years to come. For this reason, many people who have been injured in car accidents caused by someone else choose to hire a personal injury attorney to represent them in a claim against the responsible party.


Personal injury lawsuits are complicated, and having professional representation is highly recommended. If you are planning to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you in a lawsuit, it is important to hire someone who is both skilled and experienced. Before retaining anyone, be sure to ask the five questions below.

1. What is your experience with my type of case?

When hiring a personal injury attorney, it is best to choose a professional who has plenty of experience with cases similar to yours. Car accident attorneys can use the knowledge and insight they have gained in similar cases to build better arguments for your case and increase your chances of winning in court.

2. Can you tell me about some of the results you’ve achieved for your clients?

Nothing tells you more about an attorney or firm's skill than the results they have been able to achieve in the past. An attorney who has a lengthy history of success in court will be more likely to be successful when representing you. As you consider the results attorneys have achieved in past cases, remember to pay attention not only to the ultimate outcome of the case, but also to the fairness of the settlements won or negotiated.

3. How do you typically calculate damages in a personal injury claim?

If your personal injury claim is successful, you will receive monetary compensation from the party responsible for your accident. The amount of this compensation is typically based on the calculation of damages performed by your attorney and should include all past, present and future losses related to your injury. Most attorneys calculate damages by considering your medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, future estimated medical expenses, lost earning capacity and any other likely consequence of the accident. Ask prospective attorneys to explain their calculation process so you can be sure the attorney you choose will fight for an appropriate settlement.

4. What type of payment do you require to handle my case?

While some attorneys who represent clients in car accident lawsuits may ask for a retainer before they begin work on the case, others may not charge you anything unless they win. Before hiring any car accident attorney or law firm, make sure that you understand how much you will be required to pay and when the payment will be expected.

5. What weaknesses do you see in my case?

All car accident injury claims have weaknesses. Ask prospective attorneys to identify the weaknesses in your case and suggest a plan for addressing them effectively. Do your best to choose an attorney who is able to accurately point out weaknesses while also forming an effective plan to deal with these weaknesses in court.

Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in the success of your personal injury claim. By asking these questions, you can collect enough information about prospective attorneys to make an informed decision.