Analyzing the New 'Best Drivers' Report

California seems to have fared rather poorly in a new report on the car-accident rate of the largest 200 U.S. cities.

Glendale and San Francisco both landed in the ten worst cities for car crashes, according to the America's Best Drivers Report.

The report was prepared by Allstate Insurance using claims data from 2011 and 2012. It seems that Allstate used claims only from its own customers, and not those of other insurance companies, so it evidently cannot be said that this is a scientific study. All the same, it presents some interesting information that merits a closer look.

According to Allstate, the average U.S. resident is likely to become involved in a car accident once every ten years.

Washington, D.C., came in at the bottom of the list because residents there get into car accidents about once every 4.8 years. It was followed by Baltimore; Providence, Rhode Island; Hialeah, Florida (near Miami) and Glendale.

(For comparison's sake, drivers in Glendale are statistically likely to get involved in a car crash every 5.7 years, while drivers in San Francisco have an average of 6.7 years.)

Perhaps not surprisingly, the safest cities on the list were much smaller. Fort Collins, Colorado, came in at No. 1. It was followed by Boise, Idaho; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Brownsville, Texas (near Corpus Christi); and Madison, Wisconsin.

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